People become entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons including wanting to make a difference, doing things differently, working for themselves, wanting to be in control, enjoying the excitement of the risk, wanting to be more creative, and wanting to learn. In return, they get a fulfilling career, autonomy, personal growth, flexibility, and doing something that they love. It is probably better to choose a niche that you already have some skills and knowledge about. Unless you become a digital nomad, you will need a reception and office design that welcomes clients and is conducive to employee productivity.

The Reception Area

The reception area is vital to the future of your business as this is the first place your clients will see and where they form their first impressions of you and your company. The reception area needs to be clean, well organized and comfortable. The reception desk needs to be quickly accessible with welcoming staff and be free of clutter as this gives the impression of being disorganized. There should be high quality, comfortable sofas and chairs for clients to be able to wait in style. Good quality sofas are necessary because of the heavy daily use they will be subjected to.

Ikea Ektorp Sofa Covers

In order to keep your sofas in a pristine condition, you can purchase Ikea Ektorp sofa covers that can be taken off and machine washed. These beautiful quality covers are specially designed for the Ektorp couch series, featuring 3 and 2 seater sofas. The Ikea Ektorp sofa covers are available in a variety of materials including 100% natural cotton, linen, wool-look, corduroy, and velvet, and are all machine washable for easy care. They come in a range of grays, pinks, greens, blues, burgundy, red, and indigo to suit your interior design. For extra versatility, the covers have zippers and are reversible.

The Office Workspace

The office workspace for your employees also needs to be carefully designed if you want to get the most out of your employees by keeping them motivated, productive and happy. This includes open plan offices that allow greater collaboration and freedom of movement. It also includes features such as plenty of natural light and use of natural materials to elevate employees’ moods, sit and stand desks, and breakout areas. Sit and stand desks, with high rise chairs, allow employees to alternate between sitting or standing to alleviate the health problems associated with prolonged sitting. Breakout areas, equipped with relaxing sofas, are perfect for boosting creativity and productivity whether your employees are chilling out, brainstorming ideas, or simply socializing.

A client’s first impression can make or break your business, so it is vital to design your reception area with this in mind. Amongst other things, comfortable sofas whether in the reception or office workspace areas are important for relaxing and feeling like you are at home. Using Ikea Ektorp sofa covers will help you give the right impression.