The digital space is a crucial platform for all online entrepreneurs. It offers lots of opportunities in fields such as online retail, iGaming, affiliate marketing, etc. For online entrepreneurs who are tapping into organic traffic, rank tracking is an important undertaking. It can eventually be the deal maker or breaker. This article explores reasons why rank tracking tools are crucial for the success of your online business.

What is Rank Tracking?

Many online entrepreneurs focus on just the product forgetting that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also vital. For starters, SEO refers to a series of on-page and off-page techniques used to rank websites and pages higher on search engines to yield organic traffic.

Now, one of the tenets of SEO is rank tracking. As the name suggests, rank tracking is the science of tracking the overall positions of a website’s keywords, and importantly, their impact on organic web traffic. To conduct rank tracking, online entrepreneurs need to invest in rank tracking tools such as Wincher. So, what exactly does Wincher do, and how can online businesses benefit?

Benefits of Wincher?

Wincher is a favorite rank tracking tool for many SEO professionals. Accessible via, the app has been optimized to provide accurate Google rankings. Below are some of the key benefits that this SEO tool offers users.

Ranking Updates and Alerts

Understanding which keywords your website is ranking for on Google is crucial as it tells you whether your business is moving ahead, stalling, or is on the wrong footing. Besides understanding your business’ ranking, it’s essential to understand the rankings of your competition. With Wincher, you can get accurate daily rankings of your site and that of your competition. What’s more? There are ranking alerts settings that allow you to subscribe for daily signals or when there are significant changes only.

Keyword Research

Another great benefit of ranking tools, including Wincher, is keyword research. While it is primarily a rank tracker, it also has a robust keyword research tool. For starters, keyword research tools help online entrepreneurs to find out what their target audience is searching for on Google. Once you know what people are searching for, you can find new monetization opportunities. Interestingly, you can group keywords to get a better view of your ranking progress.


The entire SEO process requires detailed and accurate reporting for further campaign optimization. That means online entrepreneurs need to have clear and up-to-date reports to gauge the success of the SEO campaigns. One advantage of rank tracking tools is that they can provide insightful reports on the key metrics. You don’t have to sweat preparing reports – just export the customized reports via PDF or CSV.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, rank tracking tools are crucial in SEO as they help online entrepreneurs know where they fall in the quest for organic traffic. While there are many rank tracking tools, Wincher is outstanding. It helps online businesses to track keywords daily, spy on the competition, do keyword research and generate reports.